E64 Dryer Code How To Fix In Frigidaire Dryer

E64 Dryer Code How To Fix In Frigidaire Dryer

E64 Dryer Code Indicates A heating element issue with your Frigidaire dryer. It can be a faulty wire, a short circuit in the element, or a broken coil. The thermal fuse or cycling thermostat may be to blame if you have troubleshooted the heating element but are still receiving the e64 error number. If you replace these components yet the e64 error code still appears, there is probably a problem with the control board, necessitating replacement. However, check sure there is not a lint accumulation that is confounding the dryer and resulting in the error signal before examining these components.

E64 Dryer Code
E64 Dryer Code

While we’ll try to explain how to test and replace a broken heating element, this can be a challenging repair that needs highly technical understanding. Consequently, it is probably advisable to let a qualified professional handle this kind of repair. The actions listed below can be followed if you still want to try to fix it yourself or at least identify the problem.

The majority of Frigidaire dryers, including the following models, are covered by this manual:

  • DG8800PW0
  • DG8800PW1
  • F31C336CS0
  • F31C336CS1
  • F31C336CT0
  • FDE336RES1
  • FDE336RES2
  • FSE748GFS0
  • FSE748GFS1
  • GLER331AS2
  • GLER341AS2
  • GLER642AS3
  • 41749012890
  • 41749022890
  • 41759012890
  • 41759022890
  • DE6500ADD1
  • DEILL2
  • DESFL2

Using the Dryer

Depending on the model, several parts may need to be checked, including the heating element’s placement. If you’re lucky, the dryer will have a lower-front access panel, or you’ll be able to access the parts by removing the screws holding the back panel in place. Other dryers, however, might need the control panel, the entire front panel, and possibly the dryer drum removed.

You must unplug the dryer vent in order to access the dryer’s back. The vent can typically be removed by unscrewing it or by releasing the vent clamps with a screwdriver.

Make sure the dryer’s power is turned off before attempting to access the heating element. After removing panels, you might need to unhook the door switch wire connecter; simply make sure to reconnect it when you’re through.

If you need to remove the dryer drum, go underneath it and push the idler pulley to relieve the belt tension. The belt can be used to assist in lifting the drum out of the dryer once the tension has been removed.

Elément of heating

The air inside the dryer drum is warmed by the heating element. An e64 error code on a Frigidaire dryer is typically brought on by a broken heating element or a heating assembly short circuit. The heating element is often located inside the heating assembly, which is typically located either directly behind the dryer drum or at the dryer’s base. How can you fix the heating element since it is crucial for the dryer to function properly?

To test and replace the heating element and assembly of the dryer, according to the directions below.

  • Cut off the dryer’s power.
  • To reach the dryer’s back, remove the dryer vent and relocate the appliance.
  • Remove the screws holding the dryer’s back panel in place. The rear panel of the majority of dryers needs to be taken off. You will need to remove the entire front panel as well as maybe the control panel and dryer drum if the rear panel cannot be removed and there is no bottom-front access panel (see dryer access information above).
  • Find the heating assembly, locate the wires attached to it, such as the high-limit thermostat, thermal cut-off fuse, and heating element terminals. To separate the connectors, you might need to use needle-nose pliers. To help you remember how to reattach the wires, if necessary, take a photo.
  • Check the wiring for the heating assembly, as broken wiring for the heating assembly may be the source of the e64 error code.
  • Unscrew the screws holding the heating component in place if it is attached to the dryer’s base or the housing’s back.
  • Pull the lower half of the assembly down if it is affixed to the dryer housing, and the heating element assembly ought to come out. You might need to remove the heating assembly screws, depending on the type, in order to access the heating element.
  • Look for burnt-out coils or other damage in the heating element. The element must be changed if a coil is broken. To find out if the element is faulty if there are burning indications, proceed to the next stage.
  • Test the heating element for continuity (a continuous electrical line) using a multimeter after removing it to see whether it is broken and needs to be replaced. Test each coil after setting the metre to the lowest ohms level. A value of between 20 and 50 ohms is what you should receive. If you don’t get this reading, the element probably has a problem and needs to be changed.
  • Change a heating element that is broken. Simply reverse the previous steps to complete the installation of the new heating element.

The Frigidaire dryer error number E64 is typically resolved by replacing the heating element. Call a qualified technician or check the thermal fuse and cycling thermostat if replacing the heating element does not resolve the problem.

Fuse Thermal

When the dryer becomes too hot, a thermal fuse is a safety device that will blow. The fuse needs to be replaced if it blows because it cannot be fixed. In some dryers, the drum might keep turning, but the heating element won’t turn on if a thermal fuse blows.

On top of the dryer’s exhaust duct, next to the heating assembly, is where the thermal fuse is typically found. By taking off the dryer’s back panel, the fuse is typically accessible. Usually only 2 inches long, the fuse is thin. To find out whether the fuse needs to be replaced, it can be continuity-tested with a multimeter.

Thermostat That Cycles

Your dryer can include a cycling (also known as running) thermostat that keeps track of and controls the temperature depending on the model. The cycling thermostat can typically be reached by removing the dryer’s back panel, just like the components mentioned above. To ascertain whether the cycling thermostat needs to be replaced, continuity can also be checked with a multimeter.

Board Of Control

In the event that swapping out these components is ineffective in fixing the e64 error code, the control board may be broken and mistakenly to blame. It takes an expert to inspect the control board because it is challenging to do so using a multimeter. To check for burnt or damaged wires, however, and to replace the board if necessary.



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