Washing Machine Won’t Start | What to Check | How to Fix?

Washing Machine Won’t Start – What to Check – How to Fix

Washing Machine Won’t Start. A washer that does not start or wash dirty clothes. When you are without a washer, it can be a major problem. To get your washer to work properly and get started, we have compiled a repair guide below to help you fix a washer that will not turn on, start or run. The bottom processes are for both front loader and top loader washer.

Washing Machine Won't Start
Washing Machine Won’t Start

Below you will find a list of the most common washer parts and components (from the most probable to the least probable) that can malfunction and do not turn on or turn off your washing machine. Use our extensive list to troubleshoot which problems may need to be fixed and replaced.

The main reason a washer will not start (either front or top load):

  1. Power breaker closed, washer not plugged.
  2. Lid switch faulty, door switch faulty.
  3. Start switch and or timer faulty.
  4. Washer motor defective.
  5. Main control board defective or short.

Power to Washer

Make sure the washer is plugged into the electrical outlet in the wall. Also make sure that the breaker switch in the breaker box is on. If you live in a big house then your box can be called a fuse box. If yes, make sure the fuse is in good condition.

Door Switch Strike (Front Load Washer)

Door switches are a safety feature on front loading washing machines. On front loaders, the door switch must be closed and the door must be closed. If this change stops, the washer does not start. This switch is in the door frame of the washing machine where the door closes. If you suspect that the door switch is not starting your washer, then carefully examine the strike where it is enclosed in the door lock assembly. Make sure the lock is working properly by keeping the door closed and locked. You can check the door switch for continuity with the multimeter. When you check for continuity, be sure to cut off the power to the washer. If there is no continuity, replace the door switch.

Lid Switch (Top Load Washer)

A lid switch is a safety device located under the lid on the top load washers. This lid switch will not allow the motor to work when the lid is open. If the lid switch is faulty, the washing machine will not start. It may fill with water but will not spin if the switch is faulty. Some lid switches on the top loader also control the water inlet valve. In some top load washers, if the lid switch is bad, the washer will not fill with water. The lid switch is under the lid. There is a pin or pusher attached to the lid. This pin or pusher (when the lid is closed) will push the lid switch. If your washer will not start, make sure the switch is being pressed. If the lid switch is being pressed, but no power is being delivered to the washer motor, the switch is the worst. To test the switch, turn the power off the washer and remove the wires from the lid switch. Check the switch for continuity with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the lid switch.

Start switch and timer (top load washer)

The start switch timer on the top load washers is part of the timer. This initial switch is turned on by ejecting the timer knob. If the washer will not start after pulling the timer, you can test it for continuity with the multimeter. Remove the power from the washing machine and find the timer contacts. Some top loaders have a start switch which is a transient contact type switch. This switch will be located on the control panel. You can also test this switch for continuity with the multimeter while pushing the button. Remove power from the washer before testing for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the start switch and timer.

Timer knobs

Sometimes the timer wears the knob and may not attach properly to the timer shaft. If this is the case, then Knob is at fault. The shaft cannot hold the shaft so is unable to turn the machine. A worn knob will cause it to slip. Turn off the power for the washer and inspect the back of the timer. Ensure that the timer pulls the shaft knob when it is pulled or pushed out. If the knob is worn, replace it with a new one.

drive motor

Both the top and front load washers use a motor that rotates and makes movement. (A top load washer uses a reversing motor) The motor rotates in one direction and rotates in another direction. It may be faulty when the wash motor is not powered on. If the motor makes strange sounds, the motor may be at fault. To test the motor, remove the belt and try to start the motor. If it runs then you know something else in the washer is causing the problem. On the new direct drive washers, you will have to disconnect the pump and couplings to the trans. If the direct drive motor turns on, you have a transmission issue or possibly a pump. If the direct drive motor is not started then it should be replaced. The motor on the front load washers drives the washing basket with ribbing belt. Remove the belt and try to start the motor. If the motor runs, make sure that the basket is twisted and that there is nothing stuck or jammed between it and the outer tub basket.

Main electrical control board

The control board controls each component in your washer. If the main control board does not properly control the motor, filling valve, drain motor, or door lock, the washer will not start. The only way to determine whether the control board is at fault is to inspect it visually. Check for burnt areas or any components on the board that may look watery or damaged. If you find burnt areas or components on the control board, remove and replace it.

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Washing Machine Won't Start
Washing Machine Won’t Start

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Washing Machine Won't Start
Washing Machine Won’t Start

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