Gree AC E1 Error Code | Troubleshooting

In this post, we are referring here to the Gree AC E1 Error Code in the Gree air conditioner. The E1 error code gives us an indicator for faulty or faulty HPP switches or high pressure protection.

Gree AC E1 Error Code Malfunction name Origin of malfunction signal Control description 1 E1 High pressure protection High pressure switch When outdoor unit detects the high pressure switch is cut off for 3s successively, high pressure protection will occur.

Gree AC E1 Error Code Troubleshooting
Gree AC E1 Error Code Troubleshooting

Gree AC E1 Error Code | Troubleshooting

When the external unit detects that the higher switch is serially closed for 3s, there will be higher protection. All loads (except 4-way valves in heating mode) are going to be off. In this case, all buttons and remote signals are being deactivated except for the ON / OFF button to automatically turn off the unit or reactivate the unit after detaching it to end protection.
1. If the display has a high-pressure protection error, it may be that your outdoor fan motor is also damaged. Not running fan fan will not dissipate heat.
2. You have to open your liquid valve and gas valve completely.

Troubleshooting flow chart:

Gree AC E1 Error Code Troubleshooting
Gree AC E1 Error Code Troubleshooting
High pressure protection
High pressure protection

Product Description

Automatic reset pressure switch designed. Meet a wide range of pressure settings and a board variety of applications. Used: To control the pressure of the internal wiring of air, water, electric refrigerating equipment or room cooler units or remote outdoor condenser units for domestic cooling systems. Typical applications: security control / air conditioning / refrigeration. This switch is certified by UL


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