Samsung Washer U6 How to Fix It

Samsung Washer U6 How to Fix It Step By Step

Samsung Washer U6 An “unbalanced load error” is indicated by the Samsung washer U6 error number. The U6 error code is comparable to the Samsung error codes Ub, UE, 1 Ub, and 1U6. A U6 error code typically appears near the end of the wash cycle or at the beginning of the spin cycle. The washer may first attempt to balance the load on its own, but if that fails, the cycle will end and the fault code will be shown.

Samsung Washer U6
Samsung Washer U6 

What Leads to the U6 Error Code?

The following are the most typical causes of the U6 error code:

  • The items in the tub are knotted or have clumped together.
  • There is too much laundry in the washer.
  • There aren’t many items in the washer.
  • The washer is not evenly balanced.

Consequently, how can you address these concerns and fix the U6, unbalanced load, problem code? The good news is that most problems are simple to fix. Continue reading to learn how to solve the problem.

Laundry load should be balanced.

By opening the washer and adjusting the load, the issue can be fixed most simply. Fixing the laundry’s tangles, bunches, or sticking to one side usually gets rid of the problem. Another simple fix is to add or subtract a few items from the load to make it more balanced as overloading or underloading can also be the source of the issue.

If they become entangled in a component of the drum or agitator, clothing items with strings or shoelaces can also result in an error. Use a bag that can be washed in the machine, or tie the strings so they can’t tangle with the washer’s agitator, to prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, when using the washer, be sure to select the appropriate cycle. Different fabric varieties and filth levels are washed throughout different wash cycles. The washer may display the U6 error number if it is expecting a different kind of load and determines that it is not balanced.

The problem should be fixed and the cycle of the washer will continue after the weight of the load has been rebalanced.

The washer is level, right?

The washer’s uneven placement on the floor is another factor contributing to the U6 error code. The washer might have recently been moved, either if you just installed the washer or if it was moved to a different position. The washer’s vibrations caused by the machine’s spin cycle, however, can also lead it to fall out of balance over time.

The best method to inspect and correct the problem is to use a levelling tool. If the levelling device indicates that the washer is not level, you should adjust the washer’s legs until it is. Find the locking nut on the leg, and then use a wrench to loosen it so you may adjust the levelling legs. After that, rotate the leg in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to lower or elevate it. The washer must be level before you may adjust the legs. Tighten the locking nuts to secure them in place after making sure the washer is level.

The four levelling legs must be firmly planted on the floor and the washer must be level in order for the washer to spin steadily. Put non-skid pads under the legs of the washer to protect it from moving throughout the cycle if the floor is too slick to keep it balanced. The locking nuts that secure the legs in place must be tightly compressed against the washer’s base. Make sure the locking nuts are firmly fastened with a wrench.

Reset the washer

The control board could occasionally experience a glitch that results in the error code. If there is a problem, unplugging the washer for five minutes will enable the control board to reset. When you restore the washer’s power, the error code should disappear if it was merely a technical issue. But doing so might only delay the inevitable. If the error code reappears, it is crucial to spend the necessary time fixing the problem because postponing it will probably result in more serious problems down the road.

Additional, Less Frequent Causes

Reducers of Shock

There may be one or more shock absorbers between the outer tub and base frame of your front-loading washer. Inspect the shock absorbers to make sure they are attached at both ends and that none of them are dripping fluid.

Compression Springs

Suspension springs are frequently used in front- and top-loading washers to lessen vibrations and guarantee proper operation. In order to hold the tub above the base, suspension springs are either located below or above the tub. The U6 error code could be caused by a faulty spring, so check to see that the springs are connected and in excellent shape.

Braces for dampening

The tub is secured to the machine’s four corners by four rubber straps on some top-loaders. The U6 error code would be generated if one of these failed, throwing the tub out of balance.

Bearings for drivers

Between the tub spindle and the motor shaft of your front-loading washer may be ball bearings. The U6 error code could appear if the shell deteriorates and one or more bearings fall loose. You could need to hire a skilled specialist to replace the worn bearings, or you might even want to consider buying a new washer, if the bearings are worn.

Insensitive Ring

In a top-loading washer, the snubber ring insulates the tub from impact. In the event that the snubber ring breaks, the tub will come into touch with the metal base and may result in an unbalanced load mistake. In between the leg and the dome assembly, there is a snubber ring. Wear can be seen in the accumulation of dust on a plastic snubber or clumps on a felt one.

Governing Body

Electronic signals are transmitted and received by the washer’s control board, which controls the washer. The washer may have a defective control board, which needs to be replaced, if the aforementioned fixes for the U6 error code haven’t worked.

Most Samsung models, such as the following, are covered by this guide:




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